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Reduction of CO2 emissions

 feuille verteReducing emission limits is not new, since manufacturers have indeed made rigorous efforts to do so for over 15 years.  The limits are quite severe and led to the development of new SCR (Selective Catalitical Reducer) treatment systems directly added to exhaust systems of newly built heavy vehicles.  In order for DEF to maximize its effectiveness, it must be pulverized into the exhaust system so that it can produce the desired reaction for the purification of emissions from your vehicle.  By using our product regularly, you will legally comply with the CO2 emissions standards.

The emissions of carbon dioxide are constantly increasing, and as this impacts our quality of life.  It is important to realize that it is a growing and alarming problem.  As it stands, Canada is the 7th largest polluting country in the world.

Countries emitting the most CO21
CountryEmissions of carbon dioxyde
in 2007 (106 tons)
Percentage of total
emissions globally
China 6 538 22,3%
United States 5 838 19,9%
India 1 612 5,5%
Russia 1 537 5,3%
Japan 1 255 4,3%
Germany 788 2,7%
Canada 557 1,9%
UK 540 1,8%
South Korea 503 1,7%
Iran 496 1,7%

Data from Wikipedia (may change without notice)

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